Collection – October 2011 Issue


Muslim Attire

Green Dress

Be confident.   There’s a unique attraction to watching a person do something-anything-instantly familiar.  From head to foot.  Feel beautiful.

Black & White Art Model


Black and white art is more likely to see.  In this kind of art you will see the greatness of the artist.  In black and white  you seldom see the reality of it.  When the artist put his heart and soul  in his work,  it will turn to a lively painting even if it is black and white only.  The proof of it is the one you are looking now!

Indian Lady


Indian dress is almost like in the Muslim.  They prefer to wear long dress.  Sometimes I am thinking what is the reason behind the long clothes they wear!

Dog Lover Woman

Dog Lover

Being with my dogs is my fun time.  They are my best friends.  But one of my dog, my favorite one is sleeping right now. :S.  Tikoy is her name.

Great White Horse



You can make road trips more enjoyable for yourself when you have your best horse beside you ..!